Sandra Iheuwa, Ubi Franklin’s mother, frowns on the alarming rate of married women cheating.

Sandra has expressed her displeasure with the growing trend of women betraying their husbands.

Sandra Iheuwa, a Nigerian businesswoman, has expressed concern about married women cheating on their spouses, particularly in the Lekki area of Lagos State.
The mother-of-four revealed the surprising news on Instagram.

Sandra Iheuwa expressed her disappointment and dissatisfaction with the high level of dishonesty in Lekki. She stated:

WITHIN NIGERIA REMEMBER Sandra Iheuwa pondered on her former achievement and ordeals as she celebrated her new age. The mother of four, who turned 36 on May 2nd, wrote a heartfelt birthday message to herself.

Her past birthdays had always been ‘regular’ birthdays for her, but this year is a double celebration since God granted her a son, something she had always desired.
Sandra Iheuwa observed that the lies, tears, hurt, disdain, wickedness, treachery, and other things she expected to break her only strengthened her.

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