Ufuoma McDermott Says Kindness Has No Gender As She Honors The ‘Men’ In Her Life

Ufuoma McDermott, a Nollywood actress, is urging all women to check on their husbands today and be supportive of them.

Men, too, go through a lot in life, according to McDermott, and they need to be encouraged and supported. Ufuoma taught her Instagram followers that guys cry too, and that it is important to be kind to everyone, regardless of gender.

Ufuoma McDermott

The mother-of-two shared a photo of her husband and son and captioned it:

“Hey, family, how often do we express our gratitude for the males in our lives?” They, too, go through difficulties. Harassment, discrimination, hurt, drowsiness, and unending thoughts Few have been persuaded that expressing their emotions makes them less masculine. I seriously doubt it. As you read this, I’m sure you’re thinking of someone. Your brother, boyfriend, cousin, friend, father, boss, kid, colleague, husband, uncle… these are the people who try. Grab your phone and #CheckOnAMan right now. “Hey, I noticed you.” “Way to go,” “the next one will be better,” or even “give your account number…” (Today, many women wear Comot wigs) Kindness is genderless. Is this correct or incorrect? #BoysAlsoCry#BoysVsGirls#TheGooseAndTheGander#OpinionTime “I adore my sons.”

Ufuoma McDermott‘s husband and son

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