Why Cheating Partners Deserve Unfaithful Men — Singer Paul Play

In a recent interview, singer Paul Dairo, aka Paul Play, stated that cheating partners deserve their treatment.

Paul Play told Saturday Beats that he follows the precepts of the Bible, which states that one should be able to take the type of agony that one inflicts on his or her partner.

“I follow the beliefs and teachings of the Bible, which teaches us to love our neighbors as ourselves,” he stated. So, whatever suffering one wishes to inflict on one’s partner, one must be able to bear it when it is returned. I’m not suggesting that a woman should cheat, but if you’re willing to cheat as a male, you’re probably going to get a woman who will cheat on you.

“We say that good deeds are reciprocate in the same way.” If you treat someone badly, you should expect to be treated harshly in return. Don’t say that one can take one’s partner for granted because of tradition or society.

It is not acceptable to play around while expecting the other person in the relationship to remain silent. It is not acceptable to me.”

“I have been involved in numerous companies that have pulled me away from mainstream music,” the ‘Mo’sorire’ singer remarked when asked why he has been absent from the Nigerian music scene for some time. I have, however, performed at a few events, including weddings and birthday parties. I’ve been recording for the past two years and am nearing completion. I’ve also collaborated with a few musicians and hope to collaborate with more in the future. In two months, I’ll be releasing an Extended Play record.”

Dairo further indicated that his migration to the United Kingdom would have no impact on his career. “I’m not really concerned about how my career in the music industry might be affected,” he remarked. My music is timeless, and I perform in many genres. I don’t fit neatly into any one genre.”

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