Why Does Church Abuse Survive? — Lara George

Lara George, a veteran gospel singer, has highlighted why abuse thrives in churches.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, the singer, best known for her classic song “Ijoba Orun,” argued that abuse thrives in churches because many people are more concerned with what other people say than with what God wants for them.

Many individuals, according to the artist, wrap cultural beliefs in superstition, then cover it up with God’s name and claim to be practicing Christianity.

She stated,

“Our theology is the problem with religion in Africa.” It has a cultural slant to it that makes it a brand that I don’t particularly like. Many people combine cultural ideas with superstition, then cover it all with God’s name and claim to be Christians. Bullying is not something a true Christian would do. Everyone, regardless of ethnicity, tribe, or gender, would be loved and treated fairly.

“Abuse flourishes in churches because individuals are unconcerned about what God thinks of them.” They appear to be more concerned with what people think. People are more concerned with maintaining the church’s financial flow, hence they are unable to speak truth to power.”

“I relocated to the United States of America as a permanent resident under the ‘Person of Extraordinary Ability’ programme (commonly known as the Einstein visa) a few years ago,” George added, shedding light on her recent activities. I recorded two albums between the time of my relocation and now: Daddy’s Girl and A Slice of Heaven. In that period, I also performed a huge solo concert in the United States.I’ve continued to tour and play in countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom. I’ve also returned to Nigeria for performances on multiple occasions.”

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