“I was feeling the baby on my back,” a Nigerian lady recalls as she finally gives birth.

After what seemed like an eternity, a Nigerian woman gave birth to a child, though not without some difficulties.
Taiwo Lawal, 37, told Legit.ng in an exclusive interview that the trouble began with a dream she had during the first three months of her pregnancy.
She considered suicide at times and spent three years and six months in a church.
Delays in delivery after nine months of pregnancy may be caused by medical conditions that can be scientifically explained.

Normally, a pregnant woman goes to bed after 9 months of carrying the baby, but this was not the case for Taiwo Lawal.
After 6 years of being pregnant, the Nigerian lady claimed she became a mother and gave birth to a baby girl at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, May 11, 2022.

Taiwo said she at one point considered running in the way of an oncoming trailer out of frustration.

Taiwo claimed that her ordeal began with a nightmare.
Although there could be a medical explanation for her condition, speaking exclusively with the new mother, she expressed surprise that she had recently delivered a baby.

Taiwo described her ordeal, saying that everything was fine for the first three months of her pregnancy until she had a nightmare.
“The journey had not been easy.
It was so difficult… So difficult.”
Everything began three months after I discovered I was pregnant.
“The pregnancy was going well for the first three months until I had a dream in which I was shot in the tummy.”
The pregnancy issue arose as a result of that dream.

Taiwo lived in a church for over three years.

Taiwo, who attends a white garment church, added to her worry after failing to deliver in a year.
People began to ask questions.
Taiwo stated that she was told to stay on her church grounds as a precaution and to seek a solution to the prolonged pregnancy.
She stayed for three years and six months before being forced to leave by her brother, who was fed up with his sister’s continued attendance at the church with no results.

Taiwo had considered suicide before.
The new mother revealed that her tummy would shrink at times, as if she wasn’t pregnant, and that she felt the baby on her back rather than her stomach.
She went on to say that there was even a time when a scan revealed that her tummy was empty.
Taiwo recalled nursing thoughts of committing suicide by running in front of an oncoming trailer.

The lady stated that she had such thoughts during her visit to the church.

She thanked God for being a strong support system and joked that she expected the baby to have teeth because of how long the child had been in her tummy.

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