‘I Wanted To Keep Its Bone As A Weapon,’ says suspect apprehended with a human hand in Zamfara.

Jabiru Ibrahim, a 20-year-old suspect captured by anti-banditry police and military operatives in Zamfara State, has claimed that he carried out the orders of his illegal group’s leader, colloquially known as Yansakai, to kill a suspected bandit, Abdullah.

Ibrahim claimed that he also severed the slain suspect’s hand in order to save the bone as a weapon.

Ibrahim was apprehended in Dauran District, Zurmi Local Government Area, as part of a culpable homicide investigation by the state police command.

According to SP Mohammed Shehu, the command’s Police Public Relations Officer, preliminary investigations revealed that the suspect, a member of the Yansakai group, had been terrorizing members of the Dauran community through jungle justice, resulting in bandit and terrorist attacks on innocent members of the public.

According to the PPRO, during interrogation, Ibrahim revealed that he and three other members of his gang (who are presently on the run) carried out the grisly murder of Abdullah, a Fulani by tribe, and then removed the deceased’s right hand.
“Investigation is ongoing with the goal of apprehending his co-conspirators and unraveling the facts of their actions before charging them in court,” said SP Shehu.

“I work with a vigilante organization,” the suspect claims. I was apprehended with a man’s human hand. Our leader detained the individual, believing him to be a bandit. He was handed over to us to kill by our leader. I chose to slash his left hand from his elbow down after killing him.

“Our captain ordered us to kill the man, but only two of us carried it out. My colleague is still on the loose, but I was the only one that returned to the location where the body was tossed to remove the hand.

“I intended to use the hand’s bone as a weapon that could be used to injure or defend with.”

Later, the suspect changed his story and stated that he only wanted the deceased’s hand in his room as a keepsake.

He also stated that it was the first time he had done so. Ibrahim stated, “My leader had been doing it, and I had observed him.”

Abdullah was suspected of being a bandit by his proscribed organization since the bandits had invaded the village multiple times, according to the suspect. “Our boss saw the individual and suspected him when he was caught in Dauran Village in the afternoon.” The locals witnessed his arrest but had no idea where he was taken or what had happened to him.

“The man admitted to being a bandit and that they had killed a lot of people. My commander told me that my late brother was one of the gang members killed by the deceased’s gang, and I knew him before he was jailed.”

Ibrahim responded that they had never had any misunderstandings before the arrested man was killed when asked whether they had any grudges against each other.

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