Condoms are disappearing from Big Brother Naija Season 7, and the culprits will be revealed – Phyna, Amaka

As Big Brother Naija Season 7 continues, ‘Level Up’ 2 housemates Phyna and Amaka have expressed concern about the rate at which condoms are disappearing in the house.

On Wednesday morning, Phyna complained to Amaka that some of her housemates might be having sex and that the perpetrators would be found.

“Who dey use the condom?” she asked. Who makes use of me?

“They’ll listen to their cassette.” They’re all using the condom to get into this house. They will listen to their cassette. They used the condom to get into this house, all of them. Who is making use of the condom? Who is making use of the condom? Who uses the condom?

“The condom will be finished. The condom is then replaced. There are 13 of us here, and the condom is almost finished. Who makes use of me? who uses the condom I don’t have kuku, man. My opponent is the one I manage to get.”

During Big Brother Naija Season 6, housemate Maria also complained about missing condoms in the house.

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