Governor Okowa swears in five commissioners and promises to complete major projects.

Delta State Governor Ifeanyi Okowa has promised that the multibillion-naira Ogheye floating market project in Ogheye, Warri North Local Government Area, will be completed in September.
On Tuesday, Okowa gave the assurance while swearing in five new commissioners in Asaba.
He also stated that the Koka Bridge Flyover and Interchange, Asaba Leisure Park and Film Village, and Warri Storm Water Drainage would be completed by the end of his presidency.
Dr. Kingsley Ashibogwu – Higher Education; Dr. Darlington Ijeh – Human and Community Development; Dr. Godfrey Enita – Agriculture; Chief Anthony Ofoni – Project Monitoring and Audit; and Mrs. Nkechi Enumah-Chukwura – Girl Child Entrepreneurship Development

While congratulating the appointees, Okowa urged them to justify the trust placed in them, especially as the administration neared the end of its term.
“With less than a year until this administration’s end, every minute counts as we strive to finish strong.”
“This administration’s innovative entrepreneurship programs have become the country’s reference point for youth development, while our urban centers continue to grow and renew thanks to massive investments in roads and bridges.”
For example, Asaba, the capital city, is becoming a conference hub, which is boosting the hospitality industry.

“Some of the major projects we hope to deliver before this administration ends are the Koka Bridge Flyover and Interchange, Asaba Leisure Park and Film Village, and Warri Storm Water Drainage,” he said.
The governor stated that when the Ogheye floating market is completed in September, it will have an impact on the lives of people living in riverine areas.
“I hope that people from all over the state will come to see the inauguration of this project because it is a significant project that we are very proud of.”

“This is because those in riverside areas have been neglected for far too long,” he explained. “However, we have continued to partner with them by doing projects that will improve their living conditions.”
Okowa urged the new commissioners to stay focused and in sync with the administration’s policy direction in order to make a quick success of their work.
He stated that as the electioneering season got underway, political opportunists and detractors were expected to use any means possible to distract the people.
“However, you must remain focused and unwavering in your noble task of strengthening the Delta and standing on the trinity of Prosperity, Peace, and Progress.”

“It will take all of us thinking, planning, and working together to make this mandate a reality.” In your ministry, you must promote inclusion and diversity. In your words and actions. It is critical that you create a work environment that is free of mutual suspicion, distrust, exclusion, and resentment.
“This administration is adamant that the state’s stability, peaceful coexistence, and prosperity are dependent on our ability to run an all-inclusive government,” he said.
The governor urged the commissioners to set a good example, saying, “As a leader, people don’t do what you tell them; they do what they see you do.”

“I am confident that you will be committed to leading by example as your tenures begin today.” To accomplish this, you must demonstrate excellence in your work ethic, character, and leadership style. You must commit to providing excellent service, even if it comes at a high personal cost.
“Excellence also entails being purpose-driven, process-driven, and people-driven,” said the governor.
Enita, speaking on behalf of the commissioners, expressed gratitude to Okowa for considering them worthy of serving the people of the state.
He assured them that they would perform their duties diligently in accordance with the “Stronger Delta” agenda.

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