Kizz Daniel On ‘Rocking’ Ladies On Stage: I Request Permission From My Female Fans

Singer Kizz Daniel has spoken out about having intimate encounters with his female fans, claiming that he has received no backlash because he always asks for their permission before doing so.

This was stated by the ‘Buga’ singer in an interview with media personalities Angela Yee and DJ Envy on The Breakfast Club show, which was posted on Instagram on Tuesday. “You get intimate onstage with women, have you gotten any backlash for that?” DJ Envy inquired.

In response to the question, Kizz Daniel stated that consent is required before getting intimate with a female fan. Kizz responded:

“Before I have any intimacy with any woman on stage, I always ask for their permission. I always say you have to be 18 or older, you have to give me permission to dance with you and touch you, and if that’s okay, you can come on stage.”
WITHIN NIGERIA, Kizz Daniel caused a massive stir on social media after asking a woman he rocked during his performance to quickly write him a message.

As part of his music tour, the ‘Buga’ hitmaker has been performing in arenas for days. Everything changed, however, when he appeared to go “crazy” on stage.

Kizz Daniel was initially seen squatting and putting his hands on the lady’s bum while she was twerking in front of him.

As Kizz Daniel lifted her and dropped his microphone on the stage, the audience erupted in applause. While uploading the footage to his Instagram page, Kizz Daniel instructed the woman to send him a direct message (DM) right away.

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