Linc, Yul Edochie’s brother, responds to accusations of being mean and hostile to May Edochie.

Linc Edochie, a Nollywood actor, has reacted after being accused of being hostile to May Edochie, the first wife of his brother and filmmaker, Yul Edochie, during the latter’s second marriage controversy.

Yul Edochie has faced widespread criticism since the announcement of his second wife, Judy Austin, and their baby boy.

May, on the other hand, has become a social media sensation after Nigerians waged war on her husband and his new wife on her behalf during the polygamy saga.

Linc, who had previously distanced himself from his brother’s second marriage, was recently attacked by fans after commenting on Yul’s recent Instagram post.

The actor praised his younger brother’s acting abilities.

Neitizens reacted by dragging Linc over claims that he unfollowed May Edochie. They accused him of failing to show concern and support for his sister-in-law on social media, such as by reposting and congratulating her on her endorsement deals.

A follower wrote:

But why don’t you congratulate her on her recent endorsements?” You appear to be okay with what your brother did to his family… It’s not fair, but keep in mind that God is watching all of you.”


Linc responded by denying the rumors of him unfollowing May and chastising them for being too quick to latch on to reported speeches online.

In response to some comments, he wrote;

“Please double-check before attacking me.” Nobody was unfollowed by me.

“According to Tupac Shakur, don’t judge me if you don’t know who I am…

Abusing my family over something you know nothing about other than reported speeches on the internet makes me laugh in Swahili. I’m not going to argue with you. Have a wonderful day.”


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