The Scariest Part of Marriage for Me – BBN Angel Reveals

Angel JB Smith, a former Big Brother Naija housemate, has revealed the most terrifying aspect of marriage for her.

What scares her the most about marriage is not having complete control over the use of protection during intimacy. According to the reality star, in other relationships outside of marriage, an individual can do whatever they want.
Angel Smith, who recently sparked engagement rumors, claims her fear stems from stories she’s heard of partners who are unfaithful while infecting their partners with HIV and STDs and don’t admit it until it threatens their partner’s life. In her own words:

“I think the scariest part of marriage; FOR ME, is that you don’t really have a choice in terms of using protection; you expect your partner to be loyal, but many people cheat on their partners without protection.”

In a relationship other than marriage, I can choose to simply use protection throughout, but marriage takes that off the table, and I am too much of a hypochondriac.

I’ve heard too many bizarre stories about people infecting their husbands/wives with STDs, and I don’t want ANYTHING to do with it. Lmfaooo

The story where the husband knew he had hiv, gave it to his wife, she got really sick, and he knew that was the problem but didn’t tell her until she was almost dead. It’s a no from me.

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